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Leadership is a confounding concept.

People often have strong opinions or even argue about it without really knowing or clearly understanding exactly what it means. When I ask people in workshops what they think it means, I get a wide variety of answers, and most often way off the mark.

In the simplest sense, Leadership is about making conscious choices about the constructive impact you yourself can and want to have on others, and their behaviour as result of that impact.

Leadership is essentially the same thing – wether you are a mother trying to do her best with the challenges of leading children and a family, a middle manager trying to lead his team to contribute to the success of his organisation or Ghandi leading and changing the fate of a nation and becoming a beacon of light for generations to come.

The principles are the same, the difficulty level depends on the situation and environment.

So what kind of leader are you now, and what kind of leader would you like to be? What kind of impact do you have now, and what kind of impact would make you not only proud of your self, but instil in others the right sense of trust to be able to follow where you lead?

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coaching is really a journey of discovery

Everybody seems to be a coach these days. And despite the wide proliferation of life-, business-, executive-, marriage-, start-up-, anti-aging- and career coaches, or whatever type of coaches they define themselves as, some people still seem to be hesitant to engage with a coach.

So, what could a coach do for you?

If someone wants or needs to be told exactly what to do, they should seek a consultant. If they need to find out why they ended up in the situation they did and why they are unhappy about that, therapy would probably be a better option.

However, if your focus is to become the best person you could possibly be, and from that perspective you want to set yourself some really challenging goals, a professional coach could really guide and support you to to consciously make the right choices for yourself to develop that kind of future. This may be personal or in work, or even both at the same time.

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The 7 Sins of toxic Leadership

1. Not listening and mostly opposing what others think or say.

2. Believing that you know everything, believing always have the right answer yourself

3. Avoiding responsibility and blaming others when things don’t work out as you believe they should.

4. Treating people in an arrogant and aggressive manner when things don’t go your way

5. Focusing on control and manipulation to get people to do what you want

6. Using power and competitiveness to achieve your goals & have your way, and dehumanising people to stay in control.

7. 7. Lacking vision, or confusing a target with a vision