How are you stopping yourself to get where you need to be?


Lights, Camera, Action

When I look back, I had my first real need for coaching when I was 15. I was presented with the ideal opportunity to do my absolute best. And inexplicably for me at the time, I just couldn’t. Of course back then, coaching as we know it now had not even started developing yet.

In our lives we strive to be our ‘best’. But not only do we continuously face our own barriers limiting us, we are constantly coerced by others to be who they want us to be. All for our own good of course. Over time that ‘best’ disappears into a dark black jungle, which we circle, and prowl around in, unsure where we are, where we are going to and where we came from.
Picture a tiger in the night, knowing its prey is there, but unable to activate it’s innate senses to pinpoint and go in for the kill.

Coaching offers the opportunity to shine the strongest and brightest searchlight into that dark space. To blind it with light, to take stock, and focus on the hidden treasures now exposed. To own them and to use them. To make them work for us.

For me, focusing on archetypes is an essential part of this. Archetypes can be described as the core energies that influence our personality, our needs, talents and values. Shining that coaching spotlight on our own individual set of archetypes helps us focus on the essence of what we are, to bring balance to it, and to activate it’s real power.

Like having your own council of experts supporting you, and energising you with the power to really be your own absolute best.


Personal Coaching

Personal coaches work with a wide range of individuals or leaders on a host of leadership or often personal issues. Yes, the cliche is true, it can become very lonely at the top when it comes to finding people you can talk to openly and can trust absolutely.

Often a client prefers to work with his own coach and pay for himself, rather than the corporate coaching pool, simply because of trust and being able to really set his or her own agenda.


Executive Coaching

Executive or even sponsored coaching generally is when a company retains a professional coach to coach one or several employees individually, for example when the employer feels there are issues which need to be addressed. The focus lies on job or work leadership related issues, although logically a client’s private or personal life always plays some role in the coaching. Most often, the coaching occurs in the workplace and the coach maintains some interface with the employer, even though the content of the coaching remains completely confidential.

Business coaches work with business professionals on issues that include: leadership, development, increasing employee motivation, organisational strategy, overcoming sales and marketing challenges, effective communication skills, team building and more.


Archetype Coaching

Know anyone who consistently resorts to complaining, with no real reason, the minute things get tough? Who so enjoys playing the victim, that they even do it when things go well? How about friends who frequently sabotage their best laid plans and intentions, themselves?

These are but ordinary examples, among hundreds, of how the energy of Archetypes manifests itself in our lives. Or even wreaks havoc with it. But here’s the deal: identifying and transforming our Archetype’s influences can – in this particular example – dramatically bolster self-esteem, personal power, choice of behaviour and self expression.

By honing in on our individual archetypes throughout the coaching process, we can bring about change at a much deeper level. The objective is straightforward: to transform and strengthen each archetype’s positive expression. This translates into a fundamental shift for the client, in a short space of time. This process works for clients who are bold and committed to their personal and professional growth, who seek deeply satisfying, tangible results quickly, and are prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve this.


What do you get?

Real Change

Making meaningful change in your life takes time, commitment and support. Whether you want to become a better leaders of people or simply have a more rewarding relationship, better health, an exciting career, more business success, or more satisfaction, and meaning in your life – coaching can provide you with the structure and motivation to really accomplish some amazing things.

Real Choices, Real Balance

Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more fulfilling or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced, that in turn make our process of living more effective or less effective. Leadership Coaching helps you relearn how to make proactive choices that not only empowers you to become that, but also to create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life and in this way redefine the impact you have on others.


Are you ready for Coaching?

Do you want to:

  • Create more balance in your life.
  • Improve personal or business relationships.
  • Make real and positive changes in your life.
  • Find and live your life’s purpose.
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Create plans and take action to achieve your goals.
  • Achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in life in general.
  • More fun and enjoyment in your life.
  • If you answer yes to any of these, you’re definitely ready.
  • There is nothing to be lost in trying…

What is coaching?

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